Hostgator FAQ

In this article, we are going to give you some questions and answers about Hostgator. We also have a 2015 Hostgator Coupon Code for all you frugal readers who just love a discount.

Question: Can I get a better discount than what is currently listed on the site?
Answer: As a default, they offer a 20% discount. The original price starts at $4.95 per month, but if you take a look at HostGator’s home page, you will come across a 20% discount – this discount is given to every customer. This means you could purchase a package started at $3.95 per month. At present, there are some pretty amazing discounts that will give you even more than the average 20% off.

Question: How do I find these additional coupons?
Answer: There are a variety of ways you can find these coupons. For starters, you can open up Google search and type in “Hostgator coupons” and look through all of the sites that offer coupons.  You can visit forums, such as the Webhosting Speak forum and see if anyone has any coupons they can give you.

Question: Can I be a HostGator affiliate?
Answer: Of course you can! There affiliate program is actually pretty amazing, as long as you can get people to sign up through your affiliate link. The more people you sign up, the more you get paid. The pay actually increases per affiliate if you get a large amount on a monthly basis. Here’s what we’re talking about –  If you get between 1-5 people to sign up per month, you will get paid $50.00 per affiliate. However, if you can get 21 or more people to sign up on a monthly basis, you will receive $125.00 per signup. Do the math here – 21 people at $125.00 per sign up comes to $2,625 on a monthly basis!

Question: Is it hard to get people to sign up for HostGator through my affiliate link?
Answer: It can be had, yes. However, once you learn the tricks of the system and establish a name, the money should start rolling in. If at first you do not succeed, keep trying. Honestly, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Question: Will it take a long time to build a site?
Answer: Not at all. HostGator offers a powerful cPanel control panel. By using their installer, you can avoid some difficult steps, such as transferring files via FTP and creating databases – HostGator makes it so easy that even a beginner can build and run a website without stressing.

Question: Will My Website Crash?
Answer: No. Hostgator is reliable – they have a 99.9% uptime and combine the latest technology with 100% factory-build DELL web servers. This is the one hosting company you can count on.

Question: Can I upgrade my package?
Answer: Yes, you can upgrade your hosting package. HostGator actually has a variety of upgrade options that you can choose from. These options include hatchling, baby and business package – you need to choose the one that is best for you. At first, you can choose the lowest plan, but as time passes and your site gets more traffic, you may want to upgrade.