Arvixe Web Hosting – When to Use A Dedicated Hosting Plan

If you looking for an Arvixe Promo Code 2014 then look no further as we have a few coupons to help reduce your overall hosting costs with Arvixe. But before we highlight the discount let’s look at the Arvixe Dedicated Hosting Plan:

Most webmasters, when first starting out, sign up for shared hosting plans in order to alleviate hefty price tags associated with VPS or dedicated hosting. While Arvixe’s shared plans cost an average of $48 per year, their dedicated packages start from $429 a month – a staggering 10625% increase in price!

What justifies such a significant increase? And why are some webmasters willing to pay so much money for dedicated hosting?

In order to understand the massive price hike, we first need to know what dedicated hosting actually is. Let’s take a look at what all the fuss is about…

100% Server Customization and Management
Usually, people who are thinking of upgrading to dedicated hosting plans are those who have long outgrown what a shared hosting environment offers. However, depending on their specific circumstances, a top of the line VPS plan may still work.

What won’t work for a VPS server, though, is if a webmaster needs to install time-sensitive and updated versions of PHP scripts without having to wait for their hosts to run a site-wide upgrade.

Webmasters who need the functions of game servers or java back ends (applications that are typically disallowed on any form of shared or VPS hosting packages), will also find that their only options are to go with a dedicated plan.

When your website provides services that allow web users to download software and stream videos 24/7, shared hosting is not the way to go because you will get shut down by your host frequently due to resource-hogging usage patterns.

With a dedicated hosting plan, this would probably not happen because you are guaranteed full use of your own CPU and you don’t have to share resources with thousands of other people who are on the same server as you are.

With Arvixe Web Hosting’s dedicated plans, a savvy webmaster gets to choose the type of processor, operating system, control panel, software, uplink speeds, number of IPs, memory, drive type, and just about anything else that he or she would require to run a business.

Coupled with Arvixe’s nightly security updates, and redundant power, tier-1 providers, and SAS 70 Type II Certification for their datacenters, you can be assured that your website is being hosted on one of the highest-powered and screaming-fast networks available.

Can You Manage A Dedicated Hosting?
Despite the multitude of features that Arvixe Web Hosting provides, the question is whether or not you can afford it.

Yes, you will be getting the best resources imaginable in this day and age – but you still need to determine if profit from running your website justifies the cost of owning a dedicated server.

On the other hand, you also need to decide if the lack of dedicated hosting is causing you to lose customers and income.

If you constantly get shut down on shared or VPS hosting, it’s high-time that you consider upgrading to Arvixe’s Web Hosting dedicated plans because a website with constant downtimes means customers losing trust in your brand… And that would eventually lead to a loss of income – all very serious consequences for any serious webmaster.


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