Latest Hostgator Coupon Codes for 2015

Hostgator Coupon Codes 2015 – we have published active codes for January 2015. All promotional offers are valid and will provide a bigger discount than the default coupon offered by Hostgator. As with coupons they do expire so grab your discounted price before you miss out!

hostgator coupon 2015

Latest Hostgator Coupon Codes for 2015 are as follows (valid for Jan, 2015):


TOP30 – this hostgator promo code offers 30% off and is most used when paying over a longer term


TERMINATE25 – this code offers 25% off and is not as valuable as the percentage coupon above


WIPEOUT995 – this code provides $9.95 off and is most used when people pay monthly


The process to utilize the Hostgator Coupons (2015) and secure your discount is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Choose a code from the above selection and copy the code (the percentage coupon is awesome on longer payment cycles).
  2. Paste the code in the coupon text field on Hostgator’s payment page.
  3. Click validate and you done! You will be able to see your discount total below the coupon text field.

Why Should I Choose Hostgator as My Web Host

Web hosting has become such a lucrative business in the online age that it would take forever to check all the offers you find through a simple Google search. Some hosting companies are reputable enterprises established by professionals. Others are less reliable and focus more on the sale process than on quality of service and customer care. What you need for your company website is a very reliable web hosting provider, one that guarantees up-time, bandwidth and technical assistance at the highest standards.

Why Hostgator?

Why should you choose Hostgator in favor of other web hosting providers? There are a lot of reasons these days to be circumspect and look around for service providers. However, there is one unfailing way of recognizing a reputable company in the internet age: online reviews, client testimonials and service ratings.

However, that is not why you should choose Hostgator as your web hosting provider. First of all, you need a provider that offers your reliable service at an affordable price. Hostgator’s hosting plans start from only $3.96 per month and the premium business plan is just $10.36 per month.

Do not think that an affordable subscription plan equals cheap, unreliable services. Hostgator has been one of the best rated hosting providers since its incorporation in 2002. During over one decade of providing services, Hostgator has learned what clients really want and found innovative ways to satisfy their needs.

But enough about the big picture, here are the small things that make Hostgator one of the best hosting providers available. As their subscriber, you get:

1. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime – confirmed by all clients. Hostgator can offer this guarantee thanks to their state of the art equipment in their data center, their advanced security systems and the 24/7 monitoring. They are also exploring alternative energy sources, in the commitment to be a Green company, and implemented redundant power supply sources to avoid downtime caused by power outages.

2. Unlimited storage, bandwidth, FTP and email accounts – Hostgator knows that your business and your website will be expanding, so you get all the disk space you need to add more content, and enough bandwidth for all your clients to experience no delays in page loading. Add as many FTP and email accounts as you need to manage your website and client relationship, and create as many subdomains as you need.

3. Friendly, competent customer support available 24/7 – not just on paper, but confirmed by every client that experienced technical issues during difficult periods such as late evenings, weekends and legal holidays and received prompt and helpful assistance from the Hostgator technical support team. Hostgator offer their clients various methods of contact for timely response: telephone, live chat, fax, or e-mail/ticket system.

4. Intuitive, easy to use control panel. Hostgator offer their clients the cPanel interface for website management. Right now, cPanel is the industry standard, so there are many independent online resources and forums available to answer any queries and help you get familiar to it.

5. Free website builder. There is no need to hire a web designer if you purchased a hosting plan from Hostgator. You also get access to an intuitive and easy to use website builder powered by Weebly. You do not have to know any coding to create your own website and make it look great. You can choose from many website themes, customize them and add whatever you want – photos, text blocks – using the drag & drop menu.

6. Shared SSL certificate. Getting and implementing SSL certificates into your website is tricky if you have never done it before. However, it is necessary if you plan to gather sensitive customer data and collect payment directly. You do not have to worry about this aspect if your website is hosted by Hostgator. You get a shared SSL certificate (which uses a Hostgator domain name), ensuring complete safety when you are performing administrative tasks in the cPanel or when your clients perform financial transactions (buying products) on your website.

7. Free Google ads credit. A website will remain unknown without proper promotion and SEO strategies. Google ads are the most powerful tools for driving targeted traffic to your website. Once you sign up for a Hostgator hosting plan, you receive a $100 coupon to use on Google ads.

Our Hostgator Coupon Codes

The features and benefits are endless with Hostgator, but without a doubt the key feature is the Hostgator Coupon Codes offered here. These codes allow you to receive a valuable hosting service from a global leader in the industry at a significantly reduced cost. What more can you ask for?


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